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Customers Success
Is Our Only Success

Financial Match’s team of executives have a long, successful track record of helping businesses of all sizes get the funding they need. Our core group of financial experts put the needs of clients first, acting as if their business was our own.

Business owners pour their hearts and lives into their companies, and our business philosophy is guided by the sacrifice every owner makes. Getting the maximum ERC funding possible is our primary focus, and it’s what sets us apart from the competition.

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The “Done For You”
ERC Service

Financial Match
simplifies the complicated.

ERC Regulations

We make sure every number is accurate and fits within ERC regulations so you can “sleep well at night”.


Our ERC experts will handle the paperwork for you, letting you focus on your business.

Licensed CPAs

Each account is overseen by a licensed CPA.

Why Financial Match?

Listening. Understanding. Identifying.

Our financial experts listen to you.

We understand your specific business needs.

We identify the best way to help you maximize your ERC credits.

Let us help you utilize this key government program to get the funding you need.

Honesty & Accuracy
Financial Match is built with integrity. You need honest financial analysis when dealing with the IRS, and our goal in delivering results is to be fast and accurate.
Licensed CPAs
Having real accountants review your documents is absolutely necessary when dealing with the IRS. That’s why we use them for your ERC review.
No Upfront Fees
We don’t get paid unless you get paid. Our success only happens when we win for you.
Multiple Ways To Qualify
You need an advisor that can help you look at every way you may qualify; Financial Match has the knowledge to get you the max ERC credit possible.
Integrity Over Profit
We get max results, but we NEVER compromise our clients’ integrity to do it.

Estimate your ERC Payout

Numbers of Employees: 1

we’ve helped

We’ve helped clients of all sizes and across multiple different industries

Construction 1
Restaurants / QSR 2
Warehouse / 3PL 3
Business Services 4
Retail 5
Mechanical Supplies 6

How it works

Take The Qualification Quiz
A quick way to know if you may qualify.
Fill Out The Form
You can do this over the phone or online.
Get Your Documents In Order
Let us help you organize your paperwork and get everything in order for the accountants.
The accountants review your paperwork and prepare your filing return.
Let us help you submit your application and update you on the process as it moves through the IRS.
Payment From The IRS
The best part. Receive your money from the Treasure in the form of a check.

Most business owners don’t realize they can

Qualify for up to $26,000
for each W2 employee

Take advantage of the ERC
program today!

Transparency Guarantee
  • No upfront fees
  • No credit check
  • This is not a loan
Qualify 1 of 3 Ways
  • Revenue Reduction
  • Partial or Full Shutdowns
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
Get Money
  • From the IRS - EVEN if you received PPP
No Cap On Refund
  • One 50-employee business received $1.3 million in ERC Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I qualify if I’m a 1099 Contractor?

Unfortunately, no. This program is only for companies that paid W2 wages to non-owners.

Can I qualify if I don’t have any W2 employees?

Unfortunately, no. This program is only for companies who paid W2 wages to non-owners.

Can I qualify for ERC when I already received a PPP?

Yes! There are multiple quarters you can qualify for, even if you got PPP. Unfortunately, you can’t use the same covered time period that you used for PPP, which may reduce your overall ERC amount, but you may still absolutely qualify for ERC credits.

What if my revenue went up in 2020 or 2021? Can I still qualify?

Absolutely! It’s called the “Employee Retention” credit, not the “Revenue Reduction” credit. It is intended to help out the businesses that kept people employed during the height of the pandemic. This means you can qualify even if your revenue increased. You’ll need to qualify using one of the other qualification checks - either shutdowns/mandates or supply chain disruptions.

How long is the ERC program open for?

For most businesses, this program will be open into 2024 (unless Congress changes the rules again). It is open as long as you can file amended 941-X returns, which is the latest of 3 years from the date you filed your original return, or 2 years from the date you paid the payroll tax.

What if I have bad credit? Is there a credit check involved?

Doesn’t matter! This is not a loan, it’s a tax credit. There are no credit checks, collateral, or personal guarantees required.

Can I qualify for ERC if my business is now closed?

Yes, there is a possibility. It will depend upon when your business closed, so contact Financial Match today and let us walk you through the process.